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Toolkit Tips

Tips for Distributing the Toolkit

  • Conduct a “brainstorming” session at your next staff meeting to gather ideas about how best to distribute these materials.

  • Hand the materials out generously: to your Board, Friends groups, and volunteers, any and all visitors to your library! They may be surprised to learn about the wealth of information available online.

  • Offer to demonstrate how online research is conducted at the next meeting of the Board of Education, Town Council, League of Women Voters, etc.

  • Host a “legislative breakfast” in the weeks preceding an election. Showcase your electronic holdings to local officials and make sure they leave with a brochure.

  • Ask to be able to put together a display for Back to School Nights. Parents may not know how much help NOVELNY can provide with homework and other school assignments.

  • Be sure to maintain a supply of bookmarks at your checkout counter to insert in books and make sure the reference desk has a supply too.