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Tell Us About NOVELNY Database Problems

If you cannot access one of the NOVELNY databases, or if a database is not working correctly, please tell us about the problem:

  1. 1. Were you able to login successfully with your NYS Driver License or Non-Driver Photo ID number?

    (Please skip to question 3 and continue.)

  2. If yes, what resource(s) were you trying to access?

  3. and/or

  4. 2.

  5. 3. When did the problem occur?

  6. 4. Have you been able to use the NOVELNY Databases in the past using your NYS Driver License or Non-Driver Photo ID?

  7. 5. What browser were you using?


  9. 6. Optional: If you provide your name and e-mail address, we will follow up to let you know when the problem has been resolved (or to request more information).